Winter Lover

It’s going to be winter again. It’s been three years now. Every winter he belongs to me. He looks for me. He needs me to keep him warm. I’m almost dead, but he will come for me, blow life into me with a kiss.

He’s my winter lover. I wish he could be my man. The one I wake up every morning to. No, he is not, he only loves me in the winter. So I wait for him, here, when it starts to grow cold out I know he’s coming. It’s sad how I have my life around him. He’s the Sun to my planets. A Leo being ruled by a Capricorn. Funny how life is.

For now I have my daughter to love. She is my little fire that keeps me warm, but when my winter lover comes, she will meet a different mother. A mother who is always happy, who sings non-stop, who looks beautiful everyday. For now, winter lover…I ADORE YOU . Be mine forever?

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