99 Years Back

“I need to get back home now,” Sarah said, disoriented.

“Wait a minute, what’s your name?” Willy shouted.

“Sarah Inman,” she answered, running into the fields to take
the shortcut home.

“Hey, you can’t go that way!” he yelled.

When Sarah arrived at the farm house, she noticed things
had changed. Everything was the same yet strangely
different. The Willow tree near the barn was smaller, the
house was whiter, newer. Realizing something was wrong,
she ran to the front of the house to look for her mother. She
opened the screen door and stepped inside.

“Willy, that you?” came a voice from the kitchen. “Go on and
feed the horses before your Father comes home. He’ll give
you the switch they ain’t fed again.”

Sarah’s farm didn’t have horses, and the voice was definitely
not that of her mother. Something strange was afoot, and it
was obvious to her now what it was. It was in that moment
that Sarah realized she had gone back in time, somehow
whisked back ninety or one hundred years.

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