The Headline's Read: Woman Brutally Murdered

Catrina M. Strong

Catrina was born and raised in our small community.She worked at “Carl’s” a local tavern. Known to friends and family as “Kitty”.
Engaged to Waldo D. Sullivan of Chicago.

In the early hours on July 28,1926 “Kitty” drew her last breath, murdered in her home.
It has been said ; that after a long night of drinking and gambling at a local establishment,
Waldo “Slat’s” Sullivan entered and brutally beat “Kitty” , resulting in her striking her head to the corner of the mantle of her fireplace, he walked away leaving her to die in a pool of her own blood. They were engaged to be married September 1,1926

The police stated: This was a brutal murder; we picked up and questioned Sullivan.
We had to released him for lack of evidence or witnesses.
Neighbor’s report they saw and heard nothing.
Sullivan, is suspect to be linked to gangland activity.

Linda printed out the information she had found. She started looking for info on Waldo, finding that he had died last month.

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