Darrah packed only necessities for her journey.The search for the rare ‘flower of life’ might be futile. Without it her kind would soon parish.
I’ll fly, until I reach the water’s edge, the place where the hostiles roam.
Here I will have to protect myself, only hope I am still strong enough to escape if need be.
The brush was thick. She flew bush to bush until she reached the marsh, she perched herself on a small log,
the log shook, she flew up, an looked at it.
Get off my log a rusty voice said.
Your log?
Get off my log and go away.
Why should I go away?
I’m a hermit and we don’t like other creatures.
We? I thought you were a hermit?
Don’t get smart with me girl. You know what I mean.
YOUR A FROG , she said. Well, your a fairy said the frog. What do you want? The flower of life, have you seen it? Maybe, If I tell you will you leave? It’s there in the center of the marsh.
The flower was in front of her, it opened, it’s essence surrounded her, she soaked it in, while gathering the seeds

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