Go Meet Girls? [Casey]

How did this happen? I questioned to myself. I don’t want girls, they inspire no toughts in my head. Chaz was mine, I loved him.
“Hey, my names Casey.” the barteneder said. “Yeah, I replied, it says so on your name tag”. “Right, she frowned, well no one ever looks at it, there always so busy in their life”. “You seem like you need to talk, why are you so blue?” “No reason , I sighed, just things”. She placed my mojito in front of me. “It’s not so busy tonight, she whispered, mind if I drink one with you?” “I guess not, I replied in politeness.”
Five hours later she knew my deepest darkest secrets and I had managed five tall glasses of mojitos. I got up to leave, I was drunk. “You know what she said, I live in the building across the street, how about you sleep over? You live too far from here and there’s no way your driving.” “Thanks, I slurred.”
“Yum.” I said. “I love scrambeled eggs. My favorite!.” “Good.” she chirped in replied.
I did meet a girl. My new bestfriend, Casey.

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