He Doesn't Look Like A Killer

Linda spent most of the day in the records building.
Seems as Waldo, turned out to be quite an interesting fellow. His death, opened his records to the public.
The guy had a wrap sheet on him, that started at age twelve.
From petty theft, bank robbery, to suspected murder.
They never could pin the murder’s on him but,
he served twenty-five years, for one of five bank robbery’s.
Hum, the only reason they caught him then,
was the bank manager shot him in the leg.
This say’s; the money was never recovered in any of the robbery’s.
Hey, a mug shot of him, he doesn’t look like a killer.
Linda took her info and hurried home, Dave,
she yelled, on her way up to the attic steps.
You need help with the grocery’s he asked?
No come on, she shoved the papers at Dave, look.
This is all hers. Who’s?
Catrina’s; Linda ,stopped and explained.
Linda opened a trunk and pulled out a ball gown,
this is great she said. Her journals, her life all in our attic.
Hey “Nancy Drew” where’s our grocery’s?

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