Linda searched thru box after box, looking for something,
but not knowing what.
A jeweled box caught her eye, she picked it up,
she felt content that was what she was looking for.
She tossed the dress on her bed and opened the jewelry box, diamonds, real diamonds.
She put the necklace on the dresser, and the rings on her fingers.
How much you think we could get for that stuff Dave asked? It’s mine, she said quite irritated.
Sorry, what’s the matter with you.
Nothing, she said, I just don’t think I want to get rid of it.
You know it’s tomorrow?
What’s tomorrow, Dave asked?
The anniversery of “Kitty’s” death.
Linda are you feeling ok?
Sure,sure, she said, admiring the rings on her finger’s.
Linda, slept sound that night, if anything was out there she didn’t know it.
The next morning, Linda reached for the necklace and noticed the compact, and ruby red lipstick was sitting on the dresser,
she powdered her face and applied the lipstick and stepped back adjusted her shirt.

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