Kiss Her In The Rain

“How could I have done that!!??!!!” Dani asked herself as she paced back and fourth in her bedroom. Dani couldn’t think about anything else the entire weekend. She had thrown away his championship ring!!!!! She would call up Blair to ask for her advice but she was out of town with her family for the weekend. So she should call Steph, but they have been a bit distance lately, so she didn’t bother. She knew what she had to do.

Dani approached the street with the sewer. And it began to pour down rain like the night she met Logan. She lifted the top off and crawled down the latter. She could not believe she was doing this. Then she fell in, mud, dirt, old food, everything was everywhere on her. She looked down surprised to see the ring. Once she was out she attempted to brush herself off. She heard footsteps and looked up. There was Logan. He brushed his hand through her hair, removing a banana peal. And then he kissed her, he kissed her in the rain.

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