A Brief Bout of Freaking Out

Grasshopper grumbled inside the cockpit of the plane. Of course, he thought. Just like old times.

His dark eyes shifted towards the tower. Well, even if he was bored and underappreciated, he didn’t actually mind avoiding that place. He would forever have memories of it burned into him…

Suddenly, a blur of images ran a marathon across his brain, ingraining themselves into his cerebellum. A row of tanks, a hospital, a woman who looked like him, a helicopter, an island, a tower, red eyes, red eyes, red eyes!

He was jerked out of the jumble as fast as he had been pulled in. He gasped for breath. What had happened?

Shaken, Grasshopper sank lower into his seat. Was he finally breaking? Going insane? Then again, maybe he had gone insane a long time ago. After all, he did join Brass Eagle’s team.

But really, there hadn’t been any other choice. He only remembered his days on the streets, then meeting Eagle, joining the team…

Maybe it hadn’t been such a bad decision.

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