What I love about kidney stones.

“If your so bored you can write a list of things you love about kidney stones!” said the nurse. She must’ve thought this was a marvelous idea.
“One problem” I said whilst flipping through a magazine about child raising.I had already read it five times.”There is nothing I love about kidney stones”
“But you get to come see us!” continued the nurse.She’s been taking her happy pills too much. Or maybe she’s getting overpaid.
“From almost passing out.”
“Just try for it”
I heaved a giant sigh.
Things I love about kidney stones.
1)Errrr, ummm
Let me retry this.
1) I’m thinking….
2)Peeing. It’s fantastic.
3) The emergency room is always a thrill.
4) I don’t have to drive to the hospital.
I give up.

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