Come What May, Pt. 95

“Dreamy, what’s wrong baby? Why are you crying?â€? Oliver asks as he rushes over to me. He pulls me into his arms and holds me as I cry. “Oliver, I love you so much. I don’t ever want to be without you. When you say that- our kids…I love hearing that. I’m so happy that I have you. We might not be going about this in quite the right way yet, but we will one day. You make me so happy.â€?

He kisses my forehead. “You make me whole Dreamy. I felt so empty before, despite having everything. Now that feeling’s gone, and I know that it’s because of you.” He glances at the clock on the dresser. “Dreamy, stay the night in here with me. We’ll tell Peter that you fell asleep in my room or something.â€?

I nod my head. Peter is oblivious. He won’t care. “Ollie, I just can’t wait until you come home with me. For a week, it’ll just be you and I. In fact, we can take the guesthouse. That way, we can have lots of privacy, and it will be like us having our own place for a week.â€? Oliver takes my hand in his and kisses it.

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