The Great Romance of the World Traveller

It was obviously the bed, I thought,
sleeping diagonally
one more night,
it was obviously the bed and I said
when I think of home and all the things I long for I long for
my bed sore wa atashi no saidai no akogare
only slightly less firm than the floor
of the apartment in Tokyo where I sleep
almost as well as Chicago
where I sleep almost as well as Osaka,
where I sleep almost as well as when…
He asks,
Beddo ga hoshii nante sugoi yuutsu nan ja nai darou?
And in the face of his kind concern for my mental health
I tell him,
motto netai teyuu koto ja nai kedo ne, netara soko de netai
It’s not that I want to sleep more it’s that, when I sleep
I want to sleep there.

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