Roaring 20's come back

Dusty started to bark, Linda are you here?
Come on up Jackie. Just thought I’d see if you needed help unpacking. Well look at you.
I know, isn’t this stuff great?
Where did this come from?
All her stuff is in the attic. Who’s, Jackie asked?
Linda told her the story.
Well, maybe I should have told you yesterday but. But what Jackie? You know the old man, he died here , heart-attack or something.
Linda’s mouth dropped open, then she shrugged, come on.
She headed for the attic, opened the door, well start unpacking.
Hum, I’ll call Joe over, he and the guy’s aren’t doing anything. By noon the roaring 20’s were back.
Dave walked in, looked around, well ain’t that the cat’s pajamas , they all gave him a look. Let’s have a 20’s party tonight.
Jackie said, Linda, don’t you think that’s a little morbid?
They dressed in clothes from the attic, played music on the victrola, and drank from the crystal glasses.
After the party, Linda curled up on the couch, and started to read Catrina’s journal.

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