The End

The front door slamed, Linda woke to see Waldo stagger across the room.
You! He said, you made a fool of me.
People laughing at me, behind my back, I can’t have people laughing.
What, I don’t know what your talking about Waldo?
Who, no just you baby.
He back handed her across the face.
She covered her face with her hands and started to cry, no, I wouldn’t do. He swung again.
Linda screamed stop!
Waldo hit her again.
Linda ran to Catrina, crossing thu her body, as Waldo back handed her again.
Linda lost her balance, falling back, bouncing her head off the corner of the mantle.
Her eye’s opened wide, her body went limp, she fell to her knee’s, then face first to the floor.
Blood rushed from the back of Linda’s head,
I,I,I, am sorry, I love you, please get up, please, he cried.
She didn’t move, her eye’s fluttered, then closed.
The door slammed.
Linda lay there motionless, as she drew her last breath, Dave ran to her side, Linda!, my god, what? Linda?

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