Illegal Existence

I was bound to a contract I did not sign.

I was tried by a court that wasn’t true.

I was bound by unauthorized hands, and led here.

And here I sit, as the rain washes away the dirt on my face, the tears from my eyes. They are exterminating the last of us. The world has become a disunited dystopia, void of anything but the “normal.” We are not “normal”, not to their standards.

We were unfairly imprisoned here, if not terminated. An unauthorized concentration camp for our kind, our kind that never harmed a human being, so that the populace didn’t even know about us. But the governments do. They do know about us, and they don’t care if we’ve never harmed a human. They’d lock us away….and they have.

I waited for some signal to come, or at least some change in this monotonous lifestyle, this illegal existence. We have been distanced from the outside world, and so contact with it has become a rare breath of life. I wait for a hero to come through, a rescuer to come for us…

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