The New Enemy

The President of the United States stepped up to the podium, adjusting the many microphones attached.

“People of the world,” he began, as his image was being broadcast all over the earth, translators speaking softly into other microphones behind him. “We are under an unknown crisis. A hidden threat to our nation. No, a threat to our world. We have been under attack for decades, even centuries, and will continue to be so until the problem has been eliminated.

“We have refrained from releasing this information to the public for some time now, but all governments have decided it is time. We face enemies, enemies that look just like you and I. Enemies that, if not kept in check, could throw off the balance of the human population as we know it.”

There were murmurs of wonder rippling throughout the enormous crowd.

“Yes, our world is under siege. Our enemies are not terrorists of the kind we know, perhaps, but they are terrorists nonetheless. The new enemy of the human race is the vampire kind.”

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