Did I Fail To Mention, You Are My Home?!

I followed him, only to find him punching my dad. And as much as I hate my parents, as much as I’ve wanted to do that for soooo long, I was mad. At Tom.
“Are you crazy?!” I was still screaming, though at who… I wouldn’t know.
They all stopped and looked at me. Tom was bleeding, Dad was swelling, and Mom was fuming. Lovely.
“Stop it!” I hollered. They weren’t even moving. Haggard breathing was all I could hear.
“Just STOP ! dammit,” I tried to scream again, and my voice broke. I gulped at the evening air, trying to fill my lungs with something other than the lack of oxygen and overpowering sense of fear. It worked only a little. I took clipped steps up to the front porch. I pulled Tom to his feet and looked him square in the eye. “Go home.” My voice sounded tired and rough.
Without another word, another look, another kiss or embrace, I turned my back on him and towards my parents.

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