Prostitute Flange

“I wouldn’t care if you were a prostitute and that you hit every man you ever knew.
See it wouldn’t make a difference if that was way before me and you got.”
“You see I’m down to spend the rest of my whole night with you, girl, and if we gotta be alone so be it baby.”
-Prostitute Flange by:Lil’ Wayne

Wow, for some weird reason this isn’t stupid to me, I feel he really is in love. And who ever knew hard core rappers fell in love? Okay, so i love this song. It’s my new #1. Im very lonely tonight =[. I wish my um, secret lover was here, but no, he’s with his girlfriend. That’s the problem I won’t see him for months. Ugh, life sux at this moment, and my daughter is asleep so I have no one to say I love you to right now. Blah.

I just realized I’m a sinner in God’s eyes.
No, seriously, I never tought about that before.
Well send me to Hell for loving the wrong one then.

“Daydream, I fell asleep beneath the flowers for a couple of hours…what a beautiful day.”
Thats how I feel with him.

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