Just Dumb

“Well cheating certianly isn’t the way to do it!” I was yelling at the most popular girl at school.
“It’s just. . . . it’s just!” She stopped short and ran away sobbing. Everyone in the cafe started clapping, for me!
“Let’s go.” I said in a low key voice to Mitch, Ken and Sammy. They shut off the camera and started walking with me.
“Linz wait.” Ty shouted. I kept walking. “C’mon Linz.” He was behind me now. I turned around and he looked into my eyes. I quickly turned away.
“I’m sorry Ty, but you ruined it. Whoever thinks this chick ain’t cool enough for them has some serious issues! She’s out and SO ARE YOU !” I snapped my fingers in a ‘z’ shaped motioned and walked away, calm, cool and collected.
“Ooo! You just got BURNED !” Mitch shouted.
“Yeah!” Sammy shouted.
“Completely” Ken agreed. They all followed me. I saw Teddy walk over to Ty out of the corner of my eye.
“She was way to cool to give up Ty. Bad choice. She’s totally perfect, dude that was just dumb.” He began to walk away too.

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