On The Floor [female version]

We were on the cold floor, I decided to take lead. He was inside me so deep. I loved it, I was in ecstasy, I heard myself moan in pleasure. We had been drinking Hypnotique the whole night. We were neighbors. We would always have conversations. A year later we admitted to liking each other, now we were back from the JuicyJam Club, I asked him if he’d been with a woman before, he replied with a quiet “No”. I loved the fact I was his first, I was so turned on. We made it to my apartment, I pushed into him hard against the wall, kissing him I reached into his pants, I took them off quickly. I helped him with my skirt he was fumbiling. He pushed his erection into me. “I love you”, i told him, “I love you too” he answered breathless. Damn, I tought, I think I said too much, On The Floor.


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