Hopefully this title will catch your attention.Part 5.

They always expect me to go psycho or suicidal. Everyone does. I was back for more counseling. Another hour of it. Hopefully like last time I could get off 20 minutes early.
“Nathaniel, the only reason I am not able to help you is because
you aren’t willing to let me help you”
What crap. She was just getting her pride back by saying this. I doubt she really meant it. Am I willing to let her ‘help’ me?
She went on.
“I can make things better for you.”
“By doing what?”
Silence. She didn’t know.
“You need more optimism in your life.”
“Yeah” I said “I’m already pretty optimistic. I mean, isn’t it just great I lost every friend I ever had? Isn’t it fantastic that my father’s gone? Or what about my brother? We all just love his leukemia!”
“Your opening up”
That’s all she could say.

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