Wanted to Believe

I backed away from him more quickly now. “You’re crazy.” I whispered, shaking my head. But I wanted to believe him. “You need help.” But I wanted to believe him. “You’re lying.” But I wanted to believe him.
“Oh, Melinda. I wish I were lying!” Andrew’s eyes filled with icy tears. You may think me naive for this, but I believed him.
“So, you mean this stuff isn’t just a horror story? It really happens?”
“Yes.” His fingertips were cold on my shuddering face. My teeth chattered and I stood as still as I could and closed my eyes.
“So? What now?” I tried to keep up my nonchalant attitude. Andrew chuckled deeply.
“Melinda. You weren’t supposed to know. I could get in trouble. Serious trouble.” His brow furrowed as her touched the scars on his palms.
“Why’d you tell me? Huh? Why’d you drag me into this?” My voice was high and choked with fear. Who had done this?

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