It's Here

Glenn watched as the mailman stuffed the letters into the open receptacle. Slowly, she opened the door. “Ryan!” She called to her twin sister. A tall girl with long, jet black hair flew down the stairs. Ryan and Glenn walked across the street in a slow and dignified manner. They rang the door bell simultaneously. “Hello, Mrs. Greene. We came to alert our mother that the mail has arrived.” Glenn smiled at their ill-tempered neighbor. Not giving the poor dear time to turn around, the twins’ mother ran to them. “Is it here?” She begged.
“Most definitely!” Ryan said loudly. Loud enough for the whole neighborhood.
“Are you sure that it’s… it?” Mother asked them, purposely arousing suspicion. Glenn and Ryan nodded. Neighbors peeked their heads out of the screen doors that hot July day in 1949. Even grumpy Mr. Terr showed up in his bathrobe. “Joan, what’ve you got there?” He asked.
“Oh, you’ll just have to wait until Mr. Tweed comes home if you really want to see!” Her voice rang. The girls couldn’t wait.

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