My fault

Tuesday night planned
Just for us
Nowhere to go
In your car, in my town
Since this is were I belong
You suggest I take us away somewhere
This is are first meet
I had to go near the river, so beautiful
Some moments of silence
Us hanging over the rail
Staring at boats and buildings in Philly
Ideas want to happen
And then
You put your arm around me
You said something to get my attention to look your way
Then our faces were so close
You could sense passion
Our presence was warm for those 3 seconds
Then bam
Tongue, lips, saliva, biting
Then of course me moaning
Passion was made that night till 6am
You didnt leave me because I was scared
You mean now so much to me
I can now feel so secure with you
But its starting to fade
Weres your text?
I need to hear you, I need to see you
I know some what its my fault
I promise to not get in trouble again
Baby Im only doing this for you
Love is everything to me
I try to make it last
Just try n hang in there
Im fixing the past
Because your my everything

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