Liberation Pt. 1

A boy wakes up as the sun peeks in through the walls of his home. He is not just another emanciated dark child. He is to be a doctor, and he will bring relief to his starving village.

The boy sets out on his two hour trek to the school in the next village. He walks it alone, as all the other children his age are busy working with their parents. He uses the time to dream about the splendors of his future.

But today is different.

A car comes racing from the horizon down the lone dirt road towards the boy. The boy stops in his tracks. As the car nears, the boy sees that it is an SUV full of geurrilla soldiers brandishing machine guns. The boy turns around and sprints off the road towards the hills in the distance.

But he is too late.

The car takes chase. The soldiers howl at the feeble efforts of the boy. Soon, the car rams into the boy, sending him flying onto the rough ground. Unconscious, the boy is thrown into the car.

The boy that was to be the future.

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