“Sanista,” a disembodied voice called to him. Had he learned ages ago that this voice was inside him all along, he wouldn’t have screamed like a little girl. But, that’s why Portent came along in the first place, now isn’t it?

“What do you believe?”

Sanista had absolutely no idea as to what the words could mean. What did he believe? He believed he was going crazy, that’s what he believed!

“Keep your mind open to the truth around you. The truth that has been here for all eternity. The truth that started in the beginning, with the Birth.”

The man paused.

“Portent,” the voice said, “can teach you, if you choose to listen.”

Yes, of course. Portent will teach me to…see? Sarcastic though it was, Sanista’s thought was taken as an acceptance. He’d unintentionally opened his mind.

And so he saw. The birth of the world, of life, of love. Like a dream, it made perfect sense, but if he tried to explain it later, these words would escape his lips. Beautiful. Wonderful. Purposeful.

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