The Door Upstairs

Sister Laura ran down the hallway to an oak door, frantically
twisting and turning the glass doorknob. Realizing it was
locked, she turned the key until it clicked. She rushed inside
the room, slamming the door behind her. The ghostly muffled
voices of the Hi-Fi just behind the door.

“The – Doors- Into – The Doors.”

On the North wall were black and white pictures of children
lined up neatly along dark wooden walls. On the opposite
wall were wide glass doors that led to the a small balcony.
Laura ran to the doors and stepped onto its unstable pitch
flooring. Overgrown tree limbs and leaves obstructed her
view. She bent back the limbs, straining to see over the
balcony, but the thick branches were too dense to
part. She considered jumping into the tree, but went back
inside the room instead.

Inside the once empty room was a circle of older men and
women seated with a priest in the center. The priest was
clad in a long black robe, which rippled across his legs from
an unseen gust.

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