She Loves The End

I hate everything.
“I hate the rules I’m forced to live by, my parents- I hate them. I hate my school. I hate how I look. I hate it. I hate my life!” she told him.
“Don’t say that,” he tried to comfort her.
“I hate it when people do that!” She shuddered.
He frowned.
She was always frowning.
He was her shrink.
She was his latest and most horrific patient.
“i don’t want to live,” she stated. “Like this anymore..”
His frown deepened.
“You know I’m going to have to tell them this, and you’ll be put somewhere… a rehab, almost. If you really feel this way.” he told her, clearly worried now.
“Well I guess I won’t be feeling anything very soon.” She pasted on a fake smile, the one that had convinced many people over the years, and walked out the door.
How does one end a life so horrible and painful as this one?

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