Waiting, Panicking, and Flowers

First I sat on the couch and watched some television.

I flipped restlessly through the channels, glancing over my shoulder at the door every few minutes. Ok, seconds.

I was glancing at the DVD player’s clock for the hundredth time or so when the doorbell rang, and jumped maybe two feet off of the couch.

Then I laughed nervously at myself and got up, walking over to the door.

Before opening it, I suddenly glanced down at myself in a panic. He had said we were just going out to a movie and pizza, right? So jeans were fine for that, right?

Maybe I should have dug into my closet and found that skirt I hadn’t worn in forever.

The doorbell rang again. It was too late.

When I opened it I saw with some relief that Jake was wearing jeans too.

Then I realized that Jake was there, at my door, with flowers, about to take me out to see movie and pizza afterwards.

Oh God. I had to run.

Then Jake smiled.

“Hi, Jo,” he said, holding out the flowers.

OK, maybe I didn’t have to run.

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