Basil For a Loop

I should have known hanging out in Clint’s room would be trouble. He was mid-way through explaining why he thinks Chaucer was gay when the phone rang.
“Hello, Big Mike’s Crazy Pizza. Can I take your order?” His grin was ear to ear. His face dropped a bit, “Hey Christy. Uh huh. Yeah. Huh, what?” He looked perplexed and even pulled the phone away to look at it quizzically.
“What?” I half whispered across the room.
Cupping his hand over the phone he replied, “She wants to talk to Basil.” The light bulb went on for both of us, and Clint fell on the floor but still managed to hold the phone aloft for me, Basil.
Rolling my eyes, I swiped the phone, “Hello, this is…um, yeah, hi.”
“Hey Basil,” she said brightly, “Would you and Paul like to go on a double date with me and Jenna? Jenna would be your date, of course.”
“Of course, yeah. I mean, yeah, yeah, sure we’d love to.”
“Great! Friday at 7, at the Wilk?”
“Sure.” and I hung up.
Clint laughed and cried out from the floor, “Basil rides again!”

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