Concrete and Steel ( L)

I must admit being incarcerated can make you do some hard thinking. My daughter writes:

Sobriety trinkles in day by day
Thought’s of the fast lane, have long faded away
Each day get’s longer, and harder
I have to to deal with the bullshit, and drama
Remembering, all the stupid shit I did
Praying for forgiveness, from all who will forgive
I was addicted, and consumed by speed
Those were the things, that fueled me to be,
the devoted criminal, I used to be
From boosting, to baking, makin hella money a day,
only to turn around, and slam it away
I was doing 150 miles per hour
Trying to make sure that pain didn’t devour,
the little bit of life I was tring to lead
All came crashing down around me
Silver cuffs, mug shots, prints
State of _x_x_x_to _x_x_x_County represents
Now all I see is concrete and steel,
and nine months to remember how to feel

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