My Brother Sam is dead?

He was always the troublemaker. Loved, yes, but still the troublemaker.
yet that’s what got him all the attention, not only from our mom, but from the teachers, and even the girls!
growing up in his shadow was painful…..I was forever the little brother that would never be as good as him.
maybe that’s why i was relieved, even happy when he disappeared. I finally had a chance to be the one that everyone loved, that everyone wanted.
But days turned to weeks turned to months.
Mom got sick, and all but wasted away.
And I never even tried to find him.
Finally, when his birthday was approaching, i decided I had to do something. My guilty conscience had caught up to me.
it was freezing outside, and his favorite show had a marathon on tv.
It wasn’t right for me to be all cozy, when he could be freezing to death out there!
So I left. I had no idea where to find him, so i took an extra jacket and some fruitcake and set off….on his motorcycle.
I mean come on…..I could at least ride in style, right?

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