Crossing Ficlets #7: Hades and Sarah

Sarah closed her eyes and tried, desperately, to think of 2007 and getting back there. Wasn’t that how she got stuck in 1908 in the first place?

A tall, pale man appeared in front of her closed eyes. “Hey,” he said irritably, “Cut that out!”

“Cut what out?” said Sarah, confused. She opened her eyes blearily.

“Trying to go back to your time,” he replied.


“Well, I didn’t just stick you in the 9,976 quadrant of the Elysian Fields with your long-dead ancestors for nothing,” he snapped.

“Then why did you?” asked Sarah, recovering fast. This was her chance to find out how she got here!

“Because they requested you, of course,” he said, rolling his eyes.


“Zeus knows, I’m sure…probably spying on my kingdom as we speak,” he muttered, trailing off.

“So you don’t know?” persisted Sarah.

What a pesky little brat, thought Hades.

“No, I don’t. Ask them. They’re you’re family, not me. And now I have a date with my girlfriend, so you’ll excuse me.”

And, as quickly as he had come, he disappeared.

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