Teach me to Live [44]

A man Ritchie soon found was named Charlie was sitting alone at lunch. He kept glancing around, like he was nervous that people were watching him. Ritchie noticed this and watched him as he ate. About half way through lunch Charlie stood up so suddenly his chair flew out from behind him. The dreary, bored look in his eye had been replaced by something else… was that… fear? He lunged at the closest staff member and started punching at any place on the person’s body he could reach. Everyone stood agape. Charlie started screaming at the top of his lungs. At first it was impossible to understand but then it rang throughout the cafeteria as though he had a microphone to his mouth.
“WHY DO YOU DO IT !?” he kept asking although no one answered. Then finally he roared something that seemed as though it came from the pit of his stomach, “GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK !” and with that he drove his fist one more time into the staff members skull, earning a gross crunch in response and then he slumped over and stopped breathing

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