Hanging out at the Time Traveler Convention. What a disappointment: no time travelers! I’m saying:

“—guess it’s not that surprising there aren’t any time travelers, since when they invent time travel they’ll probably have to outlaw going to the past to prevent paradoxes, right?”

Mr A—— says, “But what if there aren’t paradoxes? I was just thinking about this: remember in The Voyage Home, where Bones is worried about giving the plexiglass guy the formula for transparent aluminum and Scotty’s like, ‘But how do we know he’s not the one who invented it?’ What if it’s like that? There’s like retrocausality: that your hair is shorter today causes your haircut yesterday just as much as vice versa! Cause and effect goes both directions!”

“Uh, maybe??? But there still aren’t any time travelers here.”

Mr A—— glances out the window, does a double take. “Hey! I think there actually is one!”

“What! How do you know?”

“I think, I think I just saw your exact double walk by—wearing a futuristic silver jumpsuit!”

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