Pathetically and Sincerely Yours,

How pathetic is this?
Her eyes opened to a darkened classroom. Notes shone in green ink from the projector. “How pathetic I am.” She thought. Technicolor daydreams disappeared as brutal reality sunk in again.
“I’m 15, I’m still a freshman, I’m the fattest girl in class, and I’m missing my notes by thinking of him.” Of course for her height, her 200 pounds didn’t appear to be so much, “a multi-racial America Ferrera, at best” she imagined herself, although she knew it wasn’t that true.
Her eyes met the teacher’s. Nothing to do but cheese. She smiled at the massive woman, who stared back and seemed not at all pleased.
“I don’t know what you think your doing, in my class with your eyes closed. You must be thinkin’ about a boy, you were smiling awful hard.”
All eyes were on her, and she felt them mask their giggles to feel more mature about themselves. She knew she committed suicide. What’s more, how did that grotesquely hulking woman know what she was thinking? “Burn that witch at the stake” she thought.

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