The Crate

He tried to get loose, but his shoe string was entangled caught on a nail.
The nail was sticking out of the bottom of the unsanded crate, in the storage area of the ship, where he wasn’t suposed to be.
He leaned over to free himself, the crate rocked a little.
He stood back up, there was a strange noise comming from the box.
Then pounding from the inside, suddenly the wood cracked.
He tried to untie the shoe, while listening to wood cracking piece by piece.
He decided to to just take it off and run.
The problem was with all the boxes, he couldn’t see the door. Wood flew across the room and hit the wall, and a sound like none he’d ever heard before.
His heart started to beat hard, and sweat broke out on his forehead, he couldn’t swallow.
His body trembled. He ducked behind the nearest box.
He could hear boxes, slaming off other boxes,and getting closer. Slowly he made his way thru the maze, he could see the door.
He inched his way carefully around the last box and reached for the door.

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