Run Hedgehogs run!

Holy crap, I think. I didn’t know I had a hedgehog form. I can move fast though!

Shade, as if reading my thoughts, talks to me.

“Am I awesome or what?”

“You did this?” I ask incredulously. “I didn’t know you could do that!” We get out of the hospital and go back to our human-looking selves.

“Uh, yeah. While you were gone I worked on it.”

“Ah,” I said, rubbing my sore legs. We could move fast, but I wasn’t used to making my legs work like that. My job was about moving slowly and not being seen. That made it SO hard to be able to run as fast as Shade could. But then I didn’t care. I had to get out, and that was just about the only way aside from kicking him and making a break for it. And that would get me in more trouble with the law than I could handle. Which was strange, because I kill people with no worry about the law. I pull my shaken boyfriend along with more strength than an eleven year old should have. Then again, I’m not eleven.

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