Come What May, Pt. 98

I kick water at Oliver as he surfaces above the water. “Got you dead in the face, love,” I taunt. He swims over to me, and I furiously begin to kick even more water at him. Grabbing my legs, he pulls me into the pool.

We both swim to the bottom of the pool. I slowly open my eyes. Oliver’s hair is floating around his head like a halo. I pull his face to mine, and kiss him underwater.

When we swim back to the surface, I paddle over to the corner of the pool and beckon him over. We are all alone in the pool room, having met another guard who happened to be a fan.

I wrap my arms around Oliver, and he kisses my forehead. “It was amazing to kiss you underwater,” he says. He leans in and kisses me again.

We are too busy kissing to notice the door open. We only notice that we aren’t alone when we hear someone clear their throat. We look up to see Adam standing at the rim of the pool, looking straight at us.

Oliver clears his throat, breaking the silence. “I though you didn’t like exercise, mate.”

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