The Talk....continued

The talk, no matter what the situation is, the outcome is always the same. And for some reason, this time he thought it would be different.
It wasn’t personal he kept telling himself, but deep down inside he knew it was. He had been tasked with making a decision, and he choose the low road, the easy way out. It could have turned out so differently had he just stood up for what she thought he believed in, but he didn’t. How dare he, after all, she poured her life and soul into this and for him to just dismiss it like it was yesterday’s garbage, how could he.
She did not know it was coming, he never even told her how he was feeling. What was she to think coming into the coffee shop?
Oh, how nice to meet on an off day, he must have something good to share with me. She could not have been anymore off.
Had she had a little advance notice, she could have composed herself, but no, he would not give her that benefit.
He opened his mouth to say what it was he had to say, but the words came out all wrong….

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