Never The Same

Nothing was ever the same for Jade after she got “sick.” Her sleeping patterens were different. She always felt hungry, but food wasn’t the solution. It was something more she lusted after- that feeling of being settled. of knowing that everything was okay and that this is it, this was the more. Instead she remained hollow. Her insides a cave with no exit. Every night Jade would refused to fall asleep. she knew that when she woke up, she would feel the same. She would hope to never wake up to ignore reality. She would hope things would be different the next day, but it never came. She would feel the same with her hope interiorating, falling into an abyss.
As usual,Jade was attempting to fall asleep. That night was different. The words of Fiona Apple reached her ears. “I don’t sleep to dream.” As she listened to the song, she felt something. It was her heart saying, “let go.” And for the first night in years, she did that with her eyes slowly closing she dreamt, her world getting lighter.

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