Come What May, Pt. 99

You can hear a feather drop in the room. I look at Oliver, who is as white as a ghost. Adam is just staring at us, his mouth a tight line across his face. Our little secret is out. “Ollie, of all the girls that you could have, you choose Peter’s? Wow. You really can have any girl you want, eh?” “Adam, I’m sorry,â€? Oliver says in a near whisper.

“It’s not me you should be apologizing to. Besides, it’s not my business. Be careful. You know Peter’s reaction won’t be pleasant when he finds out.â€? In my mind’s eye, I can see Peter’s reaction…absolute rage. I shiver just thinking about it. “That’s what scares me,â€? I say under my breath.

Oliver kisses my hair. “Adam, she is my life. I love Dream so much. Going behind Pete’s back is wrong, I know, but we can’t just act like we’re not in love with one another. One day, I’m going to marry her.â€? I look up at him, and he stares down into my face. “It’s supposed to be me and her, for life.â€?

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