Come What May, Pt. 100

“I can see that, Oliver. No one has a right to deny you two from being together, or judge you. But I’m just saying be careful. You know, I had a suspicion that something might be going on between you two. I just brushed it off though, and hoped that I was wrong. And Will’s no idiot, so who knows what he’s thinking.”

I think about the other morning, when Will teased me about coming from the wrong room. Could he have figured everything out already? Was his teasing just in fun? Or was it much more, an hint of his knowledge about our situation?

Adam steps back from the pool. “Really, if Peter wasn’t so convinced that you’re gay, he might have added everything up himself. But don’t worry, I’m not telling anyone, and I won’t treat you two any differently now that I know. But, when he finally does figure this out, don’t drag my name into it. I suggest you tell him before he finds out. No telling what this will do to the band.â€?

He walks out of the pool room, leaving just Oliver and I.

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