Come What May, Pt. 101

Evidently I’ve fallen asleep in the dressing room during the band’s show, because I wake up to Adam carrying me back to the limo with the rest of the guys. “Thank youâ€?, I say looking up at him. “No problemâ€?, he quickly answers. Oliver is walking a few feet in front of us, and Peter is walking several feet ahead of him with Will, talking. “Adam, are you angry at me at all?â€? I quietly ask. “As long as this whole thing with you and Oliver doesn’t mean the end of our band, no. So, right now I’m not. Oliver really has seemed much happier lately, and I’m happy as long as he’s happy. I’m just afraid of what could happen if Peter finds out. You two really should tell him what’s going on, soon. He’ll be angrier finding out than if you two actually tell him.â€?

Oliver turns around and smiles at us as we reach the limo. I blow a kiss at him. We all climb into the limo, and I stretch across both Oliver and Peter’s laps. I’m so tired. I have two boyfriends. This is really wearing me out.

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