{First} Not Alone {a Sequel to "Alone"}

“Excuse me” she said, impatiently, “Who are you?”

“Well…” Something about his voice was suspicious, “My name is Allin Sellers.” He said it with a bit of indignance, but Tessa knew she had heard that name before. It was so familiar. It was a name from long ago. One that was imporant at one time, but one day disappeared.

“What do you want?” she questioned rudely.

“I’m looking for…” he began but faltered, “I’m looking for Beth Henderson. Does she live here?”

“How do you know my mother?”

“She’s your… mother? You’re Tessa?”

“H-how do y-you know my name?” She began to panic. A stranger had barged into her home while she was alone and now he knew her mother and even her own name! She frantically backed away, forgetting the coffee table, inevitably in the way. She fell on her back and began to flounder on the ground, overcome with hysteria. Nothing could have been more shocking except, of course, Seller’s reply: “I’m your father.”

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