Absolutely No Drugs or Nuclear Weapons

It was an old, tired looking laundromat. The neon light on the window glowed “Absolutely No Drugs Or Nuclear Weapons.”

The sign caused the corners of my mouth to turn up in somewhat of a half-smile. I stopped in front of the old, crumbling, building and stared, interested.

If you asked me now, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what made me step into that odd, run-down laundromat that night, the best answer i could probably give you is “magic…i guess.”

But I could give you a full description of everything that happened after my foot crossed that doorway, and i guess thats what I’m going to do.

I walked somewhat mesmerized into the old cinderblock building, and heard the farmiliar, tired, tink-a-link of a bell overhead. I looked around and was fairly shocked at what i saw. There were absolutetly no oversized, run-down washers and dryers like i expected, only a man sitting on a chair in what i bet was the pinpoint center of that room.
“Why hello there,” he greeted me,
“I knew you’d be stopping by.”

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