“Whu… what you want man?” Gringo opened his golden eyes a slit, he’d been on the tequila again last night and he was always a pain on those days.
“Look Gringo,” I replied, hastily reaching into my pocket for the cat treat, I knew how this worked. “We need to get the server code finished today.”
“Bah, pester me later puny man thing.” he growled and started to lick his back leg, feigning indifference to my hand rummaging in my coat pocket. As I pulled the packet of treats from my pocket he sniffed but carried on licking.
“Fancy a nibble?” I grinned, pouring some into my hand. He stopped licking for a second, raised his head and deigned to look at me. I smiled, controlling my sudden urge to throttle him. Then he stood up and stretched. Finally, looking as if he was doing me a great favour he wolfed the treats down and shook himself out.
As I sat down and powered up the machine he climbed up and sprawled over my shoulders. He purred as the screen lit up.
“Run pesky bugs, Gringo is coming to get you.”

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