Dragon's Den

Jonathan! What are you doing down here, I told you to stay out of here.
Sorry Capt’n, just sooo bored. Go on back up deck now.
Ok finnne.
On his way he passed a hissing door. He opened the door and peeked in the room, looked up and down the hall, then slipped in.
Hissing was comming from over there,
belly down he crawled under the hot steaming pipes.
He jumped up a Dragon he whispered, pulling his wooden sword from his side CLANK CLANK take that dragon,
as he danced around the room I will slay you dark dragon. The pipes let out more steam and the fire in the furnace roared, then a stab, clank your fire breath won’t stop me. He move to the left clank, he move to the right, and in one last clank the wheel came crashing down to the ground,
bounced across the room rolled in a circle and stopped at his feet. Jonathan looked at the wheel, oh no,under the pipe and out the door.
Jonathan hit top deck in a dead run, stopping short when he saw Capt’n speaking with his mom.
She gave him the look.

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