Not Dreaming

Her eyebrows crinkled together at the perplexing statement. Her connection to…what? Reality? The whiteness that still filled her vision was beginning to disconcert her, as was this new place she found herself in.

It had to be some bizarre dream. Relieved in her realization, she closed her eyes and waited to drift off towards real life…

But one of the voices above her jarred into her thoughts, interrupting her attempt to relax herself away. She growled silently…then squeaked in alarm.

“Should we terminate her? She’s useless in the condition she’s in. It’s why she was put through Psychecision in the first place. Her mind is incapable.”

Dream or no dream, she had no intention of finding out what it felt like to die. What happened if you died in a dream? Would you die in real life? She struggled to overcome the heaviness in her chest.

With a wrench of awful force, she creaked her eyes open, turned herself over.

And found herself staring into a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.

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