Sand Women XV- Talking with Zulu

We continued to talk for some time. Zulu was Kynæ’s unofficial ‘assistant’ and(as of one month ago)official successor should she choose to retire or die in battle.(Wizards rarely die of other causes, and Sand Women almost never).We talked of everything from trifling things to state of the political standings between our peoples.(which were not so good, as Wizards are bad losers and Sand Women, well, enjoy taunting us). I was interested to find that her favorite color was deep green. I always assumed they loved black, since they were always garbed in it.
She laughed that long tinkling beautiful laugh, “No, it is sign of our mourning and sadness.”
I looked questioningly at her,”You are mourning?”
She gave me an odd look, “Do you not know the Story of the Sand Women?”
I was about to say yes, of course, when I realized I didn’t. I had no clue how the Sand Women became. I knew the Wizards version of their Story, but that was most likely to be a lie.
“No, I do not.”
She smiled, “Then I shall tell it…

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